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Rules of board selection of Tampereen TietoTeekkarikilta ry

The guild aims to organise board selections in a fair, non-discriminatory and open manner, with a low threshold for participation.

Applying to the board:

  • The application period is organised in the autumn, well in advance of the election meeting.
  • The application period must be at least one week.
  • The board communicates the application period and process clearly to the members using the guild's channels.
  • Applications are submitted using an electronic form. The form shall be administered by the chairperson of the board or, if they are unavailable, by another suitable person.
    • The application form contains questions relevant to the application, such as the board positions the applicant wishes to apply for.
    • Guild members may propose a new board position to be applied for on the form before the application period begins.
    • In addition, the form has an “other” section where the applicant can apply for a board position not on the list.

During the application period:

  • The board holds a board meeting open to guild members.
  • The board organises a board application briefing that provides information on board and officer positions, board activities and the board application process.
    • Chairperson candidates are given an opportunity to announce their candidacy if they so wish.
    • Applicants for other positions are not introduced.

Interviews for the board:

  • All chairperson candidates are given the applications of the board applicants. The chairperson candidates then interview the board applicants.
  • The content of the interviews may be used in the general meeting to justify the selections.
  • The chairperson candidates may themselves decide on the content of the interviews.
  • All applicants are interviewed equally and fairly.
  • Only one candidate is present at a time for interviews.
  • Chairperson candidates may interview candidates together.
  • Chairperson candidates may decide the length of the interviews they hold, but the maximum interview time must be the same for all board applicants.
    • The maximum interview time may be flexible, but in this case exceptions must be granted equally.
    • Applicants are encouraged to consider which position they wish to prioritise in interviews, especially if they have applied for several positions.
  • If the board position includes working in the same team as officers continuing from the previous year, these officers may be present at the interview if the chairperson candidate and applicant both agree to this. The officers may be present only during questions which directly relate to the given board position.
    • For example, when interviewing an Übertutor, fuksi captains may be present given the above requirements are fulfilled.

Publication of proposals and applicants:

  • The names of the chairperson candidates are published as soon as the application period has ended.
  • Chairperson candidates form their board proposals and schedule their publication with the board.
    • Chairperson candidates must ensure that the applicants selected for the proposal agree to being proposed before the proposal is published.
    • If a chairperson candidate's board proposal is not complete in time for the general publication of proposals, their proposal may be published later. The proposal must be published at the latest during the general meeting.
  • When the board proposals are published, all applicants' names are also published in alphabetical order by position applied.
  • Only the names of the applicants and the positions applied for are published.

General meeting:

  • The procedure of the general meeting is outlined in the guild's rules of procedure.
  • The chairperson of the meeting shall ensure that discussion remains civil.
    • The participants of the meeting must also ensure that their comments are civil.
  • Chairperson candidates are interviewed.
    • If there is more than one chairperson candidate, they will be interviewed at the same time and the order in which they answer will be alternated.
      • Each candidate must have an equal opportunity to answer all questions.
      • The meeting rules on the time given for candidates to answer questions before the interview begins.
  • The chairperson is elected.
  • The elected chairperson presents their board proposal to the meeting.
    • The meeting may ask questions from the applicants in the board proposal.
  • The meeting may request that the chairperson and the applicants in the proposal leave the auditorium for the duration of the debate.
    • The meeting may request applicants or the chairperson back to the auditorium to ask more specific questions.
    • The meeting may also request that applicants who are not in the board proposal leave for the duration of the discussion.
    • The meeting may also request other applicants for board positions to be interviewed at the meeting.
      • If several applicants are interviewed at the same time, they must have an equal opportunity to answer all questions.
    • If anyone proposes that the board proposal be overturned, the matter will be put to a vote.
    • If the board proposal is not approved, the same rules of the board election will also apply to the processing of new board proposals.

This document is valid until it is overturned or superseded and it has been approved at a guild meeting held on 12.10.2021.

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