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How to apply for a guild computer account?

Please fill in the application at

Rules and instructions

  • Accounts are only given to members of the guild. You can join at the guild room.
  • Do not store anything important on the machines. The guild is not responsible for lost files.
  • Windows machines use one user account, despite you logging in with personal credentials. This means that anyone can see e.g. passwords that you save in the browsers. Use incognito mode or other similar features!
  • Don't use diacritic letters (for example ä or é) or uppercase in your username.
  • All kinds of evil-minded messing about are forbidden.

Form layout

Student number
E-mail address
Username you want
I am a member of TiTe (check if true)

After filling in all the slots, press 'Lähetä'.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an e-mail saying the following:

TiTe member account <username> has been made for you with password <password>.
Change your password at first opportunity.
You can change your password at

If you have any questions or something breaks, please contact

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