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Short descriptions of TiTe's officer positions

Host's / Hostess' helper

As a host's / hostess' helper, you will organize sauna evenings together with the host(ess) during the year.

International Fuksi Captain

This role is a new one for 2023, you will be responsible for the integration of international fuksis and main person for international tutors. You will act as a Fuksi Captain, so you will gain the benefits from the Fuksi Council! We need a person who is interested and motivated about getting the fuksis integrated to the teekkari culture and working with international students should be seamless! English is a big benefit when applying! You have to be at least a second year student to apply to this position.

Alumni officer

Alumni officer organizes events, such as after works, for our graduated students. As a alumni officer you will also get to work in close contact with our alumni organization, TiTTu.

System administrator

Keeps up TiTe´s information systems and leads a IT-commitee.

System administrator officer

System administrator officer helps guild's system administrator in keeping up and updating TiTe's information systems.

Graphic artist

Graphic artist is responsible for doing the graphics for TiTe's events and making TiTe's guild magazine together with the editor-in-chief.

TEK contact person

Is TiTe's contact person to TEK (Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK). Organizes the TEK-info to new fuksis and writes articles about TEK to our guild magazine Nibble.

Guild master('s helper)

Responsible for coming up with new ideas how to improve the guild. Also buys coffee to the guild room and is responsible for guild's vending machines.

Event coordinators officer

Helps produce events with the collabration with the Event coordinator.

Social media officer

Is responsible for updating TiTe´s social media accounts.


Organizes all kinds of different activities to TiTe's members such as weekly floorball in Bommari and ball games in Tamppi arena. Also organizes two events in Megazone and different sport experimentations during the year.


Keeps up the singing culture in the guild and works as a cantor in TiTe's sitsis for example.

Treasurer's helper

Helps TiTe's treasurer in keeping the guild's financial things in control.


Takes photos in TiTe's events and uploads the photos to TiTe's gallery.

Corporate relations officer (2 pc)

Keeps up the relations to the companies together with head of corporate relations and also is one of the main organizers in IT-Hekuma (IT job fair).


Makes sure that our guild magazine, Nibble, gets done. Nibble should be released 4 times during the year.

Educational politics helper

Responsible for educational matters in TiTe together with the head of educational politics. '

Social politics officer

Responsible for social politics and equity at TiTe.

Material officer

Responsible for the ordering of TiTe merch. Is a new position, so there is room for improvement!

Head of excursions and foreign affairs

Organizes TiTe's biggest excursions, such as Rankka-XQ and excursion to Kauppkadun appro. Also helps the events coordinator organize other events in TiTe.

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